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anything that is considered high-powered, combustionable, unstoppable, and/or near impossible to defend.
The digital economy has brought about significant changes in our culture, communication and lifestyles. Technology now impacts every facet of our lives, forcing us to evolve our thinking and reconstruct our interactions. It defines our communications, dictates our commerce and feeds our passions. But while technology has expanded consumer access to content and commerce, media companies and brands have continued to rely on the inefficiencies and passive viewership of mass media. Oktane specializes in "micro-media" strategies that integrate technology, lifestyle content and immersive marketing tactics to develop audience-centric solutions that strengthen engagement, build affinity and form trusted 1-to-1 relationships.
Ironically, in today's media-saturated marketplace, content is no longer king -- audience is. So while content is essential to building and serving these audiences, media producers can no longer afford to continue to give away their most valuable asset to 3rd parties in exchange for outdated CPM models -- or a "share" of the revenues. They need to build their own content eco-system and manage their own audiences. Oktane helps content producers build 360º multi-transactional solutions that maximize user experience, expand audience engagement and drive revenue growth -- without losing control of your audience. Oktane is next-generation media defined.

The Seamless Integration of Media, Marketing & Technology

"To have a great idea,
have a lot of them."

Thomas Alva Edison
Oktane understands that to build an audience you need to know your audience—not so you can trick them and surprise them around every corner, but so you can feed them—feed their lifestyle and feed their passions with content that caters to all of the above. In today’s media-saturated marketplace, video has become a currency for an emerging eco-system that caters to individual preferences and immediacy. Performance is measured by transactions, not impressions. Engagement, not “eyeballs”, define success ROI is based upon cost-per-action, not response rate, and trusted 1-to-1 brand relationships are now the gold standard.
Oktane is a multi-disciplinary digital media and marketing house focused on producing the currency that build brands, generates revenues and fosters direct 1-to-1 transactions. Oktane’s development begins with comprehensive research and ideation with the goal of content and strategies that will engage the target audience and serve their lifestyle. We amplify the brand's value proposition via compelling digital content and immersive brand experiences and driving persistent distribution and syndication to every site and media channel where the desired target audience gathers, consumes their favorite shows and post/share their opinions.

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

Steve Jobs
In today’s business world, success demands innovation and the rapid adoption of emerging technologies to optimize operations and strengthen relationships with customers. Today’s businesses have to evolve and shift strategies on-the-fly to answer the demands of real-time market analytics and business intelligence. Organizations that rely on the traditional in-house departmental approach to marketing, information technology and sales strategies find themselves falling behind, sometime unaware of the advantages and efficiencies being offered by emerging technologies.
Oktane fuels your business using agile strategies and tactical technology solutions that amplify your brand, engage target audiences and deliver insightful behavioral analytics that allow for real-time assessment, business agility and process automation. Oktane interprets and analyzes trends and exploits emerging digital channels to uncover the opportunities, both short-term and long, that can position your business for maximum bottom-line success and continued market leadership.

"To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science."

Albert Einstein
In today’s multi-channel, multi-media world, it is essential to not only reach your target audience, but engage them. At Oktane, we are obsessed with building fully-engaged relationships with your customers that result in consistent, ongoing transactions. We don't believe in false metrics like "likes" and "followers," but instead assist on developing solutions that deliver authentic, data-rich, affinity relationships with customers with a proven propensity to spend.
We position ourselves as a trusted advisor to you and your customers, by identifying, building and providing the digital tools and platforms that'll not only engage your customers, but create operational efficiencies, decrease costs and seamlessly convert relationships into long-term loyalty and ongoing residual value. We understand that the next customer could easily come from the social influence and viral recommendations of the current customer relationship -- so we place a premium on the creation of authentic and loyal relationships.

"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done."

Bruce Lee
Today, we no longer operate in a product-centric marketplace, but instead a customer-centric dialogue. It is no longer effective to merely market to and disrupt your target customers' lifestyle. Instead, it is necessary to create active 2-way relationships with your customers and immerse your brand inside their lifestyle. Oktane specializes in combining emerging media technologies, digital media channels and engaging content strategies to form such relationships, measure customer behavior and build brand affinity that increases the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
In today’s digital marketplace, brands can be effectively built using lower-cost, engagement based channels like mobile, social and the Web. But brands can equally become tarnished as quickly. Oktane specializes in not only building the value of your brand using digital engagement and brand amplification strategies, but carefully monitors and manages your brand via reputation management and behavioral measurement toolsets.

"We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done."

Alan Turing
At Oktane, we like to think of ourselves as agents as opposed to an agency or consultants. Agencies make money by spending more money. Traditional consultants spend months analyzing historic data to recommend sweeping changes to operations and business culture in "hope" of strengthening your business. Muck like an athletic agent does for their athletes, we align ourselves with your business goals by structuring our relationship on performance, measurable ROI and bottom-line effectiveness.
We don't believe the answer to maximum efficiency and market success lies exclusively in historic results, as much as it does in real-time business intelligence. Many of the answers already exist in your organization today, buried inside the data your organization is already gathering. By obsessing on the creation of new behavioral data and unlocking the power of your existing data, Oktane's market strategies identify and exploit positive trends in your data and convert them into measurable market success.

25 Years of Digital Media Excellence

For the last 25 years, Oktane and its team of digital media professionals have delivered state-of-the-art media strategies and an extensive suite of creative, media production, interactive development, marketing and brand development services to an impressive list of consumer brands. Oktane has consistently developed and delivered measurable branded entertainment programs that have amplified brand visibility, driven direct 1-to-1 fan engagement and provided our customers with measurable bottom-line results.

Take Control of Your Audience & Brand!

1-to-1 Relationships

Success in today's media saturated marketplace comes from creating lifestyle content and immersive brand experiences that form data-rich relationships with your audiences.

Real-time Analytics

In today's multi-channel, multi-media landscape, no one strategy provides the "silver bullet". You have to carefully measure your campaigns in real-time and adjust to maximize ROI.

Brand Amplification

Success is contagious and brand affinity is viral. Turn your brand relationships into the maximum visibility and maximum engagement.

Feed Their Passions

The key to the creation of successful engagement is to totally immerse your brand message into the topics and activities your audiences love.

Measurable Results

Your success depends on careful and insightful analysis of the trends impacting your brand and your business and converting that data into actionable strategies that increase engagement.

Fueling Dialogues

The digital economy is driven by the social dialogues and shared experiences of your audiences. Oktane creates strategies to increase these dialogues and position your brand within them.

What people are saying

"One thing is clear when you speak to the team at Oktane Media, they are committed to creating successful, long-term relationships between brands and their customers."

Jerry Hart, Entrepreneur

What people are saying

"Oktane Media's commitment and attention to detail in helping build your brand is such a breathe of fresh air in an industry that can at times get caught up in its own accolades."

Robert Fortier, Founder of Team Dawg

What people are saying

"What I have seen over the last twenty years from Oktane Media is an obsessive dedication to the growing role content and media plays in forming direct relationships with our audience."

Karol Martesko-Fenster, ABRAMORAMA.com
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